Bach, Brahms, Busch, Milhaud, Ragtime

Bach, Brahms, Busch, Milhaud, Ragtimes

Of all of Valeri's Ragtimes the Ragtime for string sextet is Trofimenkos first ragtime. At first as a quintet, later extended with a solo violin. It can be seen as Trofimenkos most traditional ragtime. It can also be played by string ensemble with solo violin. A version for two violins with piano was also made by the composer; made especially for students of a Moscow Music School. Published by Helix5 , multimedia publisher in new media. The audio CD and the music scores can be ordered at Helix5. email: 

Clarinet sonata Opus 120 Nr1 f-moll (1894) 1st movement Allegro appassionato 

Johannes Brahms felt attracted to the under laying ideas in Baroque compositions, like Bach's music. Equal to the Baroque composers he preferred structure above emotions. Brahms based his compositions on the craftsmanship of the 'Baroque ' masters: Saying that elaboration is superior to the creative imagination"

Catoire piano quintet opus 28

Published on Feb 13, 2013
Catoire piano quintet opus 28 

Performed by: Christiaan Bor and Boris Tsoukkerman, violin. Michele Sidener, viola

Boris Tsoukkerman and his colleagues in Trofimenko concert at the Breckelenkamp Fortification in Twente, The Netherlands